Top 10 Free Apps for Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

The Samsung S10 and S10+ are the latest versions of the Samsung Galaxy series. The two tech gadgets have amazing and stunning features that make them so popular with users from across the globe. The two devices both feature the same and the latest Samsung user interface. The hardware and software of these two devices all work together seamlessly in harmony.

Now, what are the top free apps that let you stream free movies on Android that you could add to these two devices to help take your experience with them to the next level? In this article, we help you find out more about the top 10 free apps for the Galaxy S10 and S10+:

  1. Spotify:
    The Spotify app is currently available for mobile and tablets and it remains free for both of these devices. Please note that there are some premium features that you may need to pay for so that you have access to them. Download this app and have it installed on your Samsung S10 or S10+ and you will get to access to lots of songs and podcasts. For the premium version, you get to enjoy an ad-free experience without the interruptions of adverts.
  2. Tubi TV:
    This can be downloaded from Google Play Store free of charge and installed on your Samsung S10 or S10+. With this amazing free movie app on your Samsung Smartphone, you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies online without spending any amount.
  3. Crackle:
    This is yet another amazing free movie app that you can download for free and install on your Samsung S10 or S10+ smartphone. It is a development of Sony Inc and it surely packs lots of amazing features that make it even challenge big platforms like Netflix, etc.
  4. Yidio:
    Yidio is another great free video and movie app that you can download and use for free on your Samsung smartphone. With it, you can stream movies and TV shows for free. All you have to do is create an account with the company offering it so you can access its features.
  5. The MX Player:
    There is a free video player app version of the MX Player and it enables you to watch your favourite videos on either your Samsung S10 or S10+ without any add interruptions. This app comes with loads of amazing features such as the subtitle gesture, the kid’s lock function and the zoom in and our function. Please note that the premium version is paid and offers even more and better features that you will not get from this free version.
  6. Snapseed:
    Even though the Samsung S10 features a great camera, but its in-built image editor has got limited functionality. A third-party app such as Snapseed with its advanced tools and filters can greatly ensure you achieve big functionality with the Samsung S10 and S10+ cameras.
  7. Popcornflix:
    This free app can easily be downloaded for free and installed on your Samsung S10 or S10+ smartphone. With it, you can easily watch your favourite TV shows and movies for free online.
  8. WhatsApp Business
    This is another impressive app that you can download and have installed on either your Samsung S10 or Samsung S10+. It is ideal for you if you are a business person who wishes to be keeping in touch with his/her customers. You can get it for free from Google play store.
  9. Amazon Alexa
    It is a kind of voice-based virtual assistant for Amazon customers that lets users stay connected. It can be used for various activities such as getting news updates, listening to music and adding to the user’s to-do list for organizing daily activities.
  10. The Mint Browser
    This app is the last one on this list of ten best free apps for Galaxy S10 and S10+. It offers the user a better browsing experience when browsing the web with his/her Samsung S10 or S10+ smartphone.
5 World’s Best Free Online Music Streaming Platforms

Undeniably, one of the best things about the Internet is that with a quick, trivial search, you can find just about any music you’d care to from classic R&B to the latest Metal and everything in between–and usually for free.

Free Online Music Basics

While it’s easy to find free music, the free offerings are typically an introduction to the services offered by the streaming site. Generally, free services will allow you to listen to your chosen genre, and favourite artists, but with your most beloved tracks popping up from time to time. Paid membership lets you create playlists of chosen tracks in the order you want to hear them, or they may let you upload your own collection.

How To Chose A Music Streaming Service

The best way to select a streaming music site is to install their app or try their streaming website and try their services. Can you find the music you like? How does it sound? Some sites may have social features such as voting, or playlist sharing. It may seem that a streaming site is a streaming site, but each site tries to find a feature set that stands out among others.

1. YouTube

YouTube is primarily known as a video streaming site, but so many videos have been uploaded, that people often use it as a streaming site. You can create playlists, and YouTube will create a “MyPlaylist” for you once you’ve listened to a few songs and add similar music or variations. The problem with these auto-generated playlists is that they can be pretty random. You might suddenly get someone’s review or commentary of a song or a garage band cover rather than the actual, official song of choice. Also, except for Vivo, which are curated and better quality, you’re limited in quality and selection to what others have uploaded.

2. Google Play

Google Play Music will let you upload up to 50,000 of your songs. Music can be added to the queue while playing, and there are quick easy ways to auto-generate a playlist of music similar to a given song or upgrade how often the song should be played. There are links to where the song can be purchased.

3. I Heart Radio

The service is entirely free. There are no hidden charges or paid packages available. Users can create their stations based on an artist or an album, but you can’t add other albums or artists to those user-created stations. There are also limitations or how often you can skip a song per hour and a total of skips per day. You can’t download music directly, but there are links to Amazon and Google Play where you can buy the songs. There is an upgraded service that comes at a cost.

4. Last FM

LastFM was a pioneer of the streaming music social scene. Probably its most noteworthy feature is the scrobbler tool that creates a profile and learns what sort of music you like. There are many social features, and on account of its recommendations and tracking features, it’s an excellent place to find new music of the type you like.

5. Spotify

There is a web app, along with apps for Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone. The web app gives you full features allowing you to play any song, any time, with advertising. The mobile apps force you to listen in shuffle mode, but there are a few unique created playlists that will play through, without shuffling. You’ll still have ads of course. Free Spotify doesn’t allow downloading, so you’ll have to be online to listen, but there is a data saver mode to spare your data.

Summing Up

Did you like the article? What streaming music site or app would you have included? Please share or like the article and let us have your comments below.